Vitamins for the Soul

Put on one of your favorite CD's, close your eyes, and what happens? Feelings, thoughts, memories, visual images. Inspiration comes to us in many forms and from many sources. Regardless of source, however, our perspective is altered when we allow ourselves to be inspired. Music, art, and literature are some of the sources from which we garner that intangible, yet essential, moral benefit called inspiration.

Among the things which set us apart from the animals is our ability to share and appreciate the subtleties of life beyond the drive for food, procreation and survival. Today, in our race to build the better mouse trap - or to cause a paradigm shift concerning mice - we often "forget" some of the essential elements that help us continue with freshness into our daily crusades.

Some of us have wonderful houses, some have nice cars, some take fabulous vacations. Everyone has their own way to enjoy the fruits of their labor. And everybody works hard for what they have. The forty hour work week is only a myth these days, especially for those most financially rewarded. Stress is a common experience for most of us, too. At the end of each day we all need to come home to an environment that will help us recharge our batteries. Beautiful, or otherwise inspiring, works of art will always contribute to the creation of an environment that welcomes you home.

Next time you walk through your front door needing a breather, put on that CD, settle back and enjoy the art that you have chosen to put into your life. This break will make a big difference in your quality of living.

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